Free Your Beautiful Me


Free Your Beautiful Me

I believe we were all born to be free and beautiful. I design contemporary fine jewelry with a free spirit in mind for elegant, modern women. Fascinated with old world metal techniques, and obsessed with only the best natural materials,  I create  jewelry with a unique play of colors and lights in diamonds and gems, textured precious metals, and sexy flowing lines. I want women to feel dashingly elegant when wearing JeweLyrie’s creations, that are memorable, long lasting heirlooms for generations to enjoy and cherish.  Inspired by the free-spirited, inter-connected nature of dancers harmonizing in movement, I hope every piece of jewelry I created empowers you to embody the same qualities— fully present and powerful, joyfully dancing through life in elegance.

Growing up in China, my childhood and adolescence were forged with uniformity due to scarceness of art education and freedom of expression. My generation was rarely exposed to art. In the  one art  class at age nine,  we  were  taught  how  to draw  a tank,  the kind that moves with metal melts with wheels inside. Forty identical tanks were created by me and  my classmates. That’s  my only  memory of art class and still vivid. I’ve always loved dance ever since I was a little girl, but there were no dance classes around to nurture my affection to the art. 

I dropped out of accounting major in business school and arrived in the U.S. to study Fashion Design at Parson’s School of Design. I  breathed  in  the  free  air  and  looked up at Statue of Liberty, and I knew that I finally stood on the ground where I could start creating  my own dream.

Four years training at Parson’s School of Design awakened my innate demand for quality, and authenticity, those are elements that govern everything I do till this day. I graduated top of my class, winning golden thimble award with designs of a pair of black and white bias cut evening gowns, which through the process, set my dominant contemporary and elegant style.


After such exposure to art and expression, I couldn’t possibly imagine being confined by employment to someone else. With the belief in my dream of freedom, I set foot on the open streets of New York City. I sold my drawings and paintings in front of the Met, in Central Park, and in Soho, along side with my boy friend, then husband, Ge, selling his photography. Before long, we bought our first little house in Bayside Queens, had our first baby girl, Lyrie, and opened my evening and bridal boutique on Thompson Street in Soho.

Embracing different culture and art forms which I never had been exposed before in China, I had my daughter Lyrie started her dance training at young age,  and I had never stopped being inspired by the beauty in the dancer’s graceful lines and flowing movements they create, and that became endless inspiration to my designs.

During my maternity leave of my second baby girl Olivia, I fell in love with jewelry making. The love affair started with a set of wire wrapped tile necklace and bracelet I bought on eBay. It sparked my fascination over wire wrapping. A casual project of balling up tip of silver wire with butane torch to make ear hook, brought the spark full flamed into deeper pursue of metal smithing techniques. 

My demand for high quality inevitably led me to design and making fine jewelry, and finally, my true love for jewelry blossomed in my heart like wildfire, and JeweLyrie was born. Life had taken me through many detours and to different places with pauses and bumps along the way, but everything I have experienced has made me more passionate, more creative, and create more!


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