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I believe we were all born to be free and beautiful. I design contemporary fine jewelry with a free spirit in mind for an elegant, modern women. I have a fashion design background gained through Parson’s School of Design, and I’m fascinated by ancient metal smithing techniques. Inspired by contemporary ballet, I create each piece of jewelry like I am producing a performance with the stone taking center stage and the dancing metal giving the stage captivating movement. I want women to be dashingly elegant wearing JeweLyrie’s creations – jewelry with a unique play of lights in gem stones, textured metals, and sexy flowing lines. And I hope the innovation and versatility of JeweLyrie creations free your spirit. Free Your Beautiful Me – Huan Wang

With fascination over art of dance and philanthropic passion, portion of JeweLyrie profit will go toward MOVE(NYC), a non-profit dance organization who’s mission is to identify exceptionally talented New York City teenagers and provide them with a world class dance education completely free of charge.