Petal Belt Diamond Ring Size 7
18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-wide-band-Jewelyrie-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-wide-band-pirouette-twist-by-jewelyrie-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-open-lace-diamond-tip-eternity-band-Jewelyrie-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-wide-band-stacking ring-Jewelyrie-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-wide-band-Jewelyrie-signature-twist-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-wide-open-cigar-band-Jewelyrie-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-wide-open-band-stacking-set-Jewelyrie-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-wide-open-lace-band-Jewelyrie-GLIR-03 18k-gold-petal-lacy-diamond-tip-open-lace-band-stacking-set-Jewelyrie-GLIR-03



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In size 7, only one in stock, ready to ship.

18K Gold Petal Open Lace Diamond Band Stacking Ring. White diamond tipped gold petal outlines in Jewelyrie’s signature pirouette twist adorn sides of diamond center belt.  Available in 18k yellow, white, and rose gold of your choice. 

  • Total 0.26ct  white diamonds
  • 10mm wide
  • 18k yellow, white, rose gold
  • Diamond tipped Jewelyrie signature Pirouette Twist petal outline
  • Flush set diamond gold center belt
  • Size 7 ready to ship
  • Handcrafted

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18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold,