Andromeda Galaxy Diamond Solitaire
18k-White-Gold-Diagonal-Infinity-Twist-Free-Form-Band-Ring-Jewelyrie ndr-160-709-bridal Alternative-18k-White-Gold-Infinity-Twist-Diamond-Solitaire-Engagement-Ring-Jewelyrie




Andromeda Galaxy 18k Gold Diagonal Infinity Twist Diamond Solitaire Alternative Engagement Ring

An alternative 18k white gold Diamond solitaire engagement ring from Eclipse collection. The diagnal spread of infinity twist resemble the ever spinning Andromeda gallaxy. made to order by hand, each will be slight different.


  •  0.11ct E,F color SI clarity brilliant cut white diamond
  •  Diagonal 18k white gold infinity twist
  •  One of a kind
  •  2 gram
  •  Size 4-8, whole and half
  •  Made to order
  •  Please allow us 4-6 weeks to deliver yours.

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18K White Gold